Thursday, June 08, 2006

Getting Help Lined Up.

This week has not been the most productive one. I finally got hold of a chainsaw and finished the job I started last week with the front bushes and I am almost finished with basement demolition but none of the real work has started.

We met with a guy to level our basement floor and hopefully we will have them on board in another week. We also have a plumber and an electrician coming by on Saturday. The timing of the contractors has not really worked out but I didn't really expect it to.

We did make some money this week and that was nice. Some people thought we were nuts but we held a garage sale. We made about 190 bucks but more importantly got rid of a truck-load of items that we really didn't want to bring along with us to our new place. We have also decided to finally cash in our penny jar. It weighed a good 60 to 70lbs. and Ileana has it now at coinstar turning into a money card. I'll keep you in suspense until tomorrow with how much 70lbs. of pennies is actually worth.

This weekend I hope to make some serious headway on the bedroom floors. I have done a lot of floors for other people - it is going to be strange to actually be doing them for myself. I m feeling this way about a lot of what's going on with the renovation. I probably won't post for a couple more days but hopeful when I do I'll have some great picks of the sanded and stained floors.



Anonymous said...

I'm dying to know how much $$ you got from 70lbs. of change....

Tiny Oak Park Bungalow said...

I've been so busy with the floors that I forgot to give the update. The loose change came to $367.00 - not too shabby!