Monday, June 26, 2006

We've moved

The move was pretty uneventful. We had some awesome movers - I'll have to post a link once I get my stuff together. They had us moved in 6 hours. Which is pretty awesome considering the distance and the fact that we were moving from a third floor unit.

Sophie seems to be adjusting well and Ileana is trying her first long commute today. My bonus is that she has to drive through downtown on her way to work so I get a ride part-way.

We are living out of boxes right now and things are chaotic. We have the plumber, electrician, and carpenter in over the next couple days to finish up some work. Hopefully things will be ready for when Crazy Nana arrives on Thursday.

I am posting from work right now but once I have our computer hooked up, I'll add some photos.


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