Saturday, July 08, 2006

Floors Part 3... ...Finally

Sorry about the lag. Between the move, a visit from my mother in law and my daughter coming down with Coxsackie virus, life has been a mess here.

We are moved in now so needless to say the floors are done. I can not say I am completely happy with my job. Is it an improvement? Yes. Is it the best job I've done? No. Frankly, this might be my worst. The floors look a lot better than the stained mess I inherited but now that the floors are finished, you can easily see the divits caused by the drum sander. These only occur in Sophie's room and the hall. I think that the hall ones are not mine though - I believe these are from the previous-flooring done a few years ago.

I am more upset about the poly job. The floor looks like a Don Ho video. I can live with that though. My first coat went well but my second coat, applied the day before our move, was rushed and I now have a couple areas where there is puddling. In our bedroom it is in the center of the room. Great, because we can always throw a rug over it. In Sophie's room, it is right under her window. Not only will we not be putting a rug in this area but it gets a lot of light - highlighting the poor workmanship.

All in all, there are two lessons to be learned. If you must use a drum sander and have no experience with one, go back over the area with the buff sander to help erase your marks. Second lesson: take your time with each coat of poly you apply and make sure you have good lighting to check your work.


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