Monday, October 30, 2006

At Last, Back With a New Project

It's been a little over a month but I am finally active at the house again. I haven't done much lately due to numerous birthdays, family gatherings, and the big bungalow tour. Now those are behind me and I can focus on getting some things done.

This past month, I have not been completely inactive. I have made the back yard a little more habitable - removed several more yards of landscape fabric and planted a ton of daffodil bulbs as well as some day lilies and irises brought by my friend Peg. Hopefully the garden will look much better for it come spring.

I have a deadline of sorts to get as much done as possible by the middle of December - we have a big party and it would be nice to show some progress by then. The first project is Sophie's room. We have picked all of the colors, purchased materials and are ready to go.

I started this weekend by putting up new picture rail, doing some minor plaster repairs, and washing the walls and trim. I also repaired all of the toe molding, removed several inches of paint-incrusted dog hair from it and put it back in place. Over the next few nights I will be painting. I hope to finish by this weekend. I also hope these will be the last "yellow" photos of Sophie's room.


Carol said...

Tell us about the bungalow tour. I wasn't able to go on it this year.

Tiny Oak Park Bungalow said...

This year's tour was great. It featured interior tours of 7 great homes in River Forest. Some great arts & crafts furnishings and decor could be seen. We had good attendance this year on a chilly but sunny fall day. With any luck, we may be doing it again next year. I'll try and post more prior to upcoming events.