Monday, November 06, 2006

Second Bedroom Completed

I am not sure how we let our daughter stay in that room for so long. Now that the second bedroom has been cleaned, re-painted, and had some of the plaster fixed, it looks like an entirely different place. All we have left to do is to re-paint the closet door, strip and re-finish the main door and then hang some artwork then we are finished with one room in the house.

It took quite a bit of work to get it to this point. Ileana even pitched in for the final painting of the lower walls. We realized a couple of things while working on the room. First, the paint job that used to be in this room was terrible. Perhaps the previous painters were blind? If you want to see the previous room, you can see "before" pics on the blog from May 28th and check out the two images with the yellow walls (yes, this room used to be carpeted and there were shutters on the windows!). Second, I believe that the light fixture from the back hall used to be the original fixture for this room. It would look nice but the wiring would have to be re-worked to put it back. I am not sure we'll be taking on that project. Finally, I hate blue masking tape - it is just not compatable with old houses. A lot of the upper trim is not "cut-in" properly because I used that crap. I can do a better job cutting in a straight line by hand than I can with the tape. By far, the most disturbing thig we learned is that 93.9fm in Chicago is now playing Christmas music 24-7. We haven't even taken down our Haloween decorations!

I am not sure if the colors look "right" on the computer. The previous post, with the color chart looks a little more like the real thing. I think, all in all, the colors look pretty good. Ileana still does not know what to think of the ceiling being darker than the trim. Personally, I hate "ceiling white" so I am very happy with it.

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The Litter Box House said...

My daughter's bedroom is very similar. Below the picture rail is pale green, above the picture rail is purple. And that includes the ceiling! It seems a bit crazy but looks great. The perfect teenager's bedroom...