Saturday, February 17, 2007

More on the bedroom

I came home to a pleasant surprise the other day. My wife stayed home one day due to the roads being clogged with snow. When I walked into out bedroom, I quickly realized that she had not spent all of her time watching Judge Judy and Jerry Springer. She had managed to clean the wallpaper and skim-coat off of the west wall of the bedroom. It actually looks better already. Don't people pay to get this kind of rustic treatment on their walls?

I think that when this room is done it may be the most dramatic transformation of any of the rooms on the main floor of the house. The decor, when we moved in was very unique. The tone of the room was set by a striking pink rug and border with a muted southwestern pattern. The walls were a beautifully dull gray and all of the trim is painted an ever so logical flat luster white.

We finished the floors before we moved in. We also removed all of the interesting accouterments, shelves, switch plates, and shades. Our next steps are to finish the removal of the remaining wallpaper and skim-coat and then patch and paint the walls. We will be stripping all of the woodwork and re-installing the picture rail. Finally, we will have to do something with the ceiling fan. It is big and it is white. that may take some research. Hopefully we'll make some real headway over the next couple of days.

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