Sunday, February 18, 2007

And you wonder why I never get anything done

Last night, over a bottle of wine, my friend convinced me that I should install the lighting I bought for the dining room. The dining room has no work done in it (unless you call pulling down them white vinyl wall covering work) and we still do not have the art glass globes for the fixture but his argument that we should enjoy it as opposed to keeping it stored in the basement seemed to make sense. God knows when we will actually get to renovate the dining room and we can always take down the fixture at that point. I have never liked the current fixture anyway.

This afternoon, after doing a little more work on the bedroom, I was a bit bored with how little we progressed and decided to tackle the dining room fixture. Instant gratification, right? I am not a patient and that usually gets the better of me. In this case, I had a huge learning experience and it actually might have been good that I went through this now as opposed to when the room was finished. If I had tackled this job when the ceiling was finished, I would have messed it up. I also found out that I need to re-work the mounting box for the fixture so that it will hang flush (when I put it up permanently).

All in all, it didn't go as easily as I thought and I still had to run out and buy some "place-holder" globes until we get the "real ones" but I think it still looks pretty cool.


Anne Pollack said...

LOVE the new lighting fixture !! It is so cool !! I can't wait to see it in person !!!

Crazy Nana

Stephanie said...

Hooray! Your friend is right - enjoy it! It's sooooo pretty (and I would still say that even if we hadn't put almost the exact same fixture in our bungalow dining room!)

TWB said...

Where did you find these lights?

Tiny Oak Park Bungalow said...

The fixture is from Rejuvenation. It is the Woodstock fixture but with extensions for the globes. I got cheap globes from Home Depot but will replace them with nice ones some day.