Monday, February 19, 2007

More work in the bedroom

We spent a few hours yesterday working on the bedroom. With a little patience and a lot of scraping, we finally have all of the old wallpaper removed from the west wall of the bedroom. There is still a little residue where the previous owner patched plaster at the removed picture rail but we can move on to another wall.
We were pleasantly surprised that it looks like on of the previous owners already removed the paper from the outside (north) wall. Unfortunately this wall is not in great shape but we'll tackle that in the next step of plaster restoration.Now that I know my wife will be helping me, we should be able to start stripping the woodwork too. I am going to have to start laying down rules for her though. If she is going to help me, she has to stop asking questions like, "why don't we just put up drywall" or "will the plaster surface look perfectly flat when we're don, it is a little uneven right now" - maybe she wasn't made for old houses. I have a could different strippers I am going to try on the woodwork. I still love that all of the trim is painted with flat paint. The staining is a bit scary.


Jen said...

Wow. It's eerie. It's the EXACT same as our remaining first floor bedroom. Complete with picture rail remnant. That lovely almost tuscan look to the walls. Don't worry, a skim coat of drywall mud and a few coats of primer covers it right up. :) Warning: the skim coat makes the glue smell funny. REAL funny. But the primer makes it all better. said...
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