Sunday, March 25, 2007

Progress on the Bedroom

We’re slowly making progress on the bedroom. I have finished stripping one entire wall, wood and plaster. I started staining the wood on that wall with a gel stain and will eventually start applying a wipe-on finish. While I let coats dry, I am working my way around the room with more stripping. I made an odd discovery while working on the “crown molding” in the room. It appears that this molding is not crown molding at all but is instead picture rail. Judging from the number of newer nails and the way it is hung, I am guessing that this is the original picture rail and instead of being thrown away, it was moved from the picture-rail location up to the crown molding location. I guess this presents a minor dilemma. I was going to buy new picture rail and keep the upper molding where it is. Now that I have made this discovery, I am debating removing the crown molding and re-installing it at the picture-rail level and not having a crown molding in the room. This is how our living room is and might be an option - but it seems like a lot of effort. Hmmm.
We have chosen a color scheme for the room. My wife and I both agree on two colors. This is ground-breaking as I typically do the color choosing and Ileana rarely agrees with me - until she sees the results. I am colored blind but somehow have a knack for picking the right colors. For an example of how my wife’s color-choosing techniques are, you only need to go back to our basement painting and re-painting incident. Either way, we have chosen “Marsh Grass” for the walls and "Vermeer" for the area above the picture rail. I think we'll continue with the Oklahoma Wheat for our ceilings as we did in our daughter's room.With the Green & Green bed, the room seems to be taking on an "Asian" theme. We had hoped to get some photos from our trip to China blown-up and framed nicely for the room. Oddly enough, the colors we chose for the room seem to match perfectly with the colors from misty Mount Lushan.

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