Sunday, March 18, 2007

We've Got Wood

I am starting to make a bit of headway in the stripping department. I am satisfied with the Speedheater – but think that I should cash in by inventing a “Speedheater for corners” or a Mini-Speedheater for those “hard to reach areas”.The wood trim in our tiny transitional bungalow is not your typical flat-stock treatment found in most bungalows. I thought this was unique, kind of quant. The vertical jambs have that nice plain appearance and all of the door heads are capped with this fairly intricate molding. After a weekend of stripping this stuff, I now just think it is a pain in the ass. I guess I shouldn’t hate the molding – just the persons that painted it. It could be worse. When we were house-hunting, we had the opportunity to look at our neighbor’s home. Yes, two neighboring houses were for sale at the same time. I look back now and think that I don’t have it so bad. Every inch of woodwork in that home is painted the starkest white. If I recall correctly, the carpeting all matches it. I am going to persist over the next few weeks and will try and keep everyone up to date with the progress. It looks like I will need to do some chemical stripping - which is going to suck because I have now gotten used to just vacuming up all the stuff I strip. While this is going on, we are still fighting over paint colors for the walls and whether to stencil or not to stencil. We need to get a ceiling fan and eventually a rug too. Boy, I hope the bed doesn’t show up before we are finished.

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StuccoHouse said...

I think you will find the chemicals a relief at this point. It will really make short work out of cleaning off the last of the paint. I strip paint with a heat gun and then use chemicals. It's really odd, but after you are done stripping & have finished the wood the way you want's amazing how fast your forget the pain.