Thursday, April 26, 2007

If You Love Bungalows

If you love bungalows and old homes, you need to mark your calendars. Sunday, October 7th will be Pleasant Home's 3rd annual Beautiful Bungalows tour. It features interior tours of 7 historic bungalows and we always have a great selection of homes. We will also be hosting lectures and presentations on old home restoration. Stay tuned for details. It is a great place to get restoration ideas, to learn about historic architecture, and to see the inside of some fantastic homes. If you are interested now, don't hesitate to put your name on the mailing list for Pleasant Home by calling (708) 383 2654.
Here are some of the homes we have featured over the past two years:

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This Old Erie House said...

That house with the stone pillars and chimney is my favorite. It is my ideal house and made it my desktop picture. I just love the style. Too bad I live too far away to be able to visit it.