Monday, April 23, 2007

More progress on the bedroom (2 months, 10 days into the project)

2 months and 10 days. You put it like that and it is kind of depressing. Even though it was beautiful outside, we still managed to make more headway on the bedroom this weekend. While my wife was outside planting seeds and preparing hanging baskets for the exterior (our front porch looks like a nursery - too funny), I spent the days in the bedroom. To add insult to injury, she has given up on me ever landscaping the front of the house this year and decided to just scatter a packet of wildflower seeds across the front. If there are blooms before I am finished with the room, I'll be in real trouble. I finished stripping and put the first coat of stain on one baseboard and have worked my way stripping around half the room. I also spent some time beginning plaster repair on that same wall.
For the plaster work, I am not spending too much time revealing cracks and filling, etc. We started by removing all of the wallpaper. I then re-adhered any loose plaster with plaster washers (or ceiling buttons as they are more commonly called). I then wash down the wall completely with warm water. This gets rid of any paper remnants and removes any glue residue (which could get ugly if it leaches through the plaster and paint).

I begin my first round of patching by filling any larger holes with plaster patch (I am using standard joint compound). After that dries, I will go over the main cracks with a fiberglass mesh and plaster. Once that is dry, I will smooth it out with a wet sponge. I will then apply about two more layers of plaster to feather any joints, sand, prime, and paint. To this point, I have finished patching on two walls but the rest should go quickly once I can get ahead on the wood stripping.

Meanwhile, the bed waits...

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