Sunday, April 22, 2007

The bed arrives... ...but we're not ready

Our new bed arrived yesterday. It is now sitting in our dining room. In a small home like ours, this means that it is in the way of EVERYTHING. It is absolutely beautiful and much larger than we anticipated (maybe this means I don't have to re-finish the wall behind the headboard, maybe this will save me a week of work???). Hopefully this will inspire me to do better work. Spring hit Chicagoland this weekend so I have not gotten much done so far. We worked in the yard a bit. The garden looks pitiful but better than it did last year. Hopefully this trend will continue. I am just glad that the flowers have started to bloom - even if they do look a little sparse. I hope to make better progress on the bedroom today.We are still weighing our stencil options for the frieze in each room and now we have another option: wallpaper. I hadn't really considered it before but it might not look too bad. If we crop the picture right it looks like our dining room is done.

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