Tuesday, May 22, 2007

The cicadas are coming

When I went out to the garden this morning, I was greeted by a couple of surprises. First, the iris that has been threatening to bloom for the past couple of weeks is finally blooming. These were given to me by my friend Peg, from her yard, and they look really nice.The second surprise was that when I looked at the irises, I thought I saw a fungus growing on them. On closer inspection, I saw that there was a cicada that recently crawled out of the ground and was climbing up the iris. A couple quick facts: cicadas are harmless, they have red eyes, and taste like canned asparagus.
I introduced the cicada to my daughter. At first she wasn't too receptive to it but once I explained that it will be singing to us in a couple of weeks, she seemed fine and even a little interested. These are part of brood XIII, a 17 year cicada that is emerging across parts of the Midwest. Chicago is getting a little nutty about them.
This one is a lot smaller than the ones I remember as a kid. With it's green coloring and red eyes, it is also more attractive than the black and gray counterparts I am used to seeing back east. I am sure, as more emerge, I'll be posting more photos. Hopefully I'll improve my close-up photography skills as well - sorry these are a little blurry.

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Roudy said...


I was in DC a couple years ago (well, 3 actually) when they emerged there! Ahhhhh! There were much much bigger over there. How do you know they taste like canned asparagus?