Thursday, June 14, 2007

How NOT to store your homebrew

Last night I drank half a glass of the homebrew that I discovered in my garage and I am still alive to blog about it. For those of you that are brewers, I do not suggest that you store your beer in a garage, with no temperature regulation, for one year.

The stout smelled good and it really did not have a foul taste but it definitely was not right. It had a very heavy metallic and bitter taste. I can usually stomach just about anything but this was too much - I had to pour the rest of it down the drain.

This experience has gotten me thinking about brewing in the new place. I finally have the space to do things properly. My daughter is also getting to that age where she might actually be of some help - so I have a built-in apprentice in her. Unfortunately, my equipment has been under my workbench in the basement literally collecting dust.

My skills have slipped and I haven't brewed a decent beer in years so I think it's time I get working. Before the end of the summer, I will have to clean everything off and give it a go.

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Ahhhh BEER! I had brewed two 5 gallon batches about 10 months ago. The pilsner went quick, but my smokey chocolaty flavored rauchbier (smoked beer) still is in the fridge aging nicely. It was super strong right after brewing, but with cool temperatures it is now a smooth, less smokey, very memorable beer. I think I'll have some for lunch and ponder what my next batch will be!