Saturday, June 16, 2007

Please indulge me a few photos of the garden

I have been taking heat from my mother in law, who reads this blog daily. She wants me to post more photos. Between housework, our daughter, and my work, daily photos are pretty much impossible. I had a little time so hopefully this entry will give her her fill for the week.I went out in the garden this morning and took some photos for her. I also came across another cicada (is this 3 for Tiny Bungalow?, I loose count). Anyway, after he flew into our steps, he landed on the ground. I took his photo and threw him in the air so that he could fly away. The display that came next was quite unexpected - at least 3 birds flew from nearby trees and dove right at it. A small sparrow got the prize. I think the sparrow was almost as large as the cicada. Wild. Too bad I didn't come out with the video camera this morning.
The yard is very happy - we are even getting a new sprout on our sago palm (indoors), grown from seed from our in law's house in Orlando. Enjoy the photos.

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