Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Big plans for the weekend, already?

Is it just me or does everyone start itching for the weekend before Monday is even over? I am sure that the average person feels this way because they want to relax or get away. I always get an itch, usually beginning around lunchtime on Monday, that I need to get stuff done on the house. With a to do list as long as I have, I really need to get over it.

I spent the past few weeks in the yard and think it is about time I start working on the inside of the house again. I have big plans to finish the bedroom (I had hoped to be done by the 4th of July, I think). I am also getting tired of people's comments after seeing the room. "That's interesting" followed by "you meant to do that?" is getting a little old.

In addition to the bedroom, I have a few "nap project" ideas. A nap project is a project I can do outside the house without waking my napping daughter. I typically use her nap time as an excuse to take one myself but I really can't afford to lounge around anymore. We have visitors coming in a few weeks and the house really needs to be snapped into shape.

My nap projects include a new screen door for the basement. It is nice to leave the basement door open but I think our basement has enough bugs already. I will be building this myself. Bad idea??? I also intend on building a small pergola/entry feature at our back gate. The rear entry looks a little inhospitable and needs a change. I will also re-build the gate that has, since our move, been scraping along the sidewalk every time we open it. It is a great built-in alarm system for intruders but I think the neighbors don't really need to know every time we enter or leave the yard. The final nap project I have is to build the Adirondack chairs that I bought templates for back in May. I will be building two adult and two children's chairs out of cedar; another test of my carpentry skills.

Now that I have all this written down, maybe I can forget about it until Friday comes and get some work done at my "real" job. I also hope that the next blog shows some evidence that these projects are progressing.


Billie said...

Well good luck on those chairs. I wish I was more handy in the carpentry area, however I think I'd be in the TEC area missing a finger or two.
I'll be awaiting pictures.

Ruge said...

Hello! What a wonderful blog! I stumbled across this when googling "picture rail" this weekend. We just figured out that's what we have.

My boyfriend and I moved into a 1913 craftsman bungalow in Des Moines about a year ago. It's scary, but our house looks shockingly similar to yours!

Thanks for the wonderful blog, and maybe I'll start one soon and we can swap photos.