Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Familiar faces and places

It was back to the bedroom this weekend. I finished stripping the wood along the west wall. This leaves one wall to go – unfortunately it is the wall with the most woodwork because the windows are on it. If all goes well, I will have everything stripped, except for the closet door, after the coming weekend. I feel like I have been in this room forever and ever picture I take seems to look the same.
After an absence of almost a month another familiar thing was back at the Tiny Bungalow this weekend: the bunnies. Actually, it was just one bunny. I guess he just waited until the garden was nice and grown so that he could fatten himself up. Just look at that defiant bunny stance! The cocky little bastard will probably end up eating all my hard work.
Oh, I also bought the cedar for my Adirondack chairs this weekend. I will begin working on those next weekend. It is pretty sad when buying supplies becomes a note-worthy accomplishment.


1916home.net said...

How fast or slow does paint stripping with a heat gun work? Is it very labor intensive? It looks like you are doing a great job regardless! Im now a fan of your site! Great blog!

Tiny Oak Park Bungalow said...

I am using a Speedheater - it is an infrared light. It heats the subsurface so that the paint comes off. You have to scrape it though. It goes quickly though it does take a little elbow grease and some patience to not scratch your wood. I am doing about 7 linear feet in an hour - you can scroll through and see my woodwork to judge the complexity. My favorite part is that after each scraping, I just vacuum the paint shavings. No washing, thinner, messy stripper, etc. This is the aspect that sold me on it. It is not great on highly detailed wood though.

1916home.net said...

Thanks for the tip. My bungalow has all flat trim so a speedheater might be just the thing I need.

Anonymous said...

On Saturday on QVC I saw demonstration of a product called,
Smart Strip. The person took off 15
coats of paint. The demonstration can be seen by going to www.qvc.com
and put in V27102 into the search column. They said it will do
wood, metal, concrete, brick.

Hope this is helpful