Sunday, July 01, 2007

Attack of the Cucumbers!!!

I should have known better than to try and grow squash and cucumbers in such a confined space. What I didn’t expect was our cucumber plant attacking all of it’s neighbors. I am still not sure it is worth it but I re-located a tomato plant and am trying to train our cucumber to not destroy its neighbors.One of my problems with gardening is that I can’t leave well enough alone. After transplanting the tomato, I decided to move a few other things around as well. I know this is generally not a good idea with the warm weather we have been having. I created an actual herb garden by moving all the herbs to one corner. I also tried to move all the sunflowers to one location (the random sunflower here and there just looked a little crazy). I’ll let you know in a week if any of these plants survive.
Work on the bedroom also continued slowly. I only spent a few hours but am almost finished with the closet door casing and molding. All I have left is a 4’ section of baseboard, the closet door and the windows and I am done stripping in this room. If I squint hard enough, I can almost see the light at the end of the tunnel.
During nap time I constructed a fold-away work table out of an old bi-fold door from the basement and got my garage a bit more organized. I also started on the screen door for the basement. I am making it out of 1x2 cedar strips. It is actually pretty simple and makes me think I can do my own window screens… …hmmm, but what about the storm windows?


Billie said...

Very nice! I'm starting a little herb garden as well, but ya know I have a lot of garden pics up already!
The doorway looks nice! I love the molding.
Nice workbench, I'd better not let dear hubby see it.......... said...

Im still new at gardening myself, but with 51 stalks of corn, I needed to move a few. I moved, I think 11 of them, and they are doing fine. Yesterday, I decided to move some of my sunflowers...I have a bunch of those as well, and they are doing so well. I moved 15 of them, and about half didnt seem to make it in yesterday 90+ temperatures. Today is hot again, so Im hoping the rest didnt kick the bucket either. If they are anything like the corn I transplanted, those didnt look great the first week or so, but have sprung to life and you'd never know I transplanted them. Now the real test is if they produce any corn :)

Moxie said...

I cannot imagine stripping all that trip. We, too, have a (1918) OP Bungalow & every bit of trim and door is painted white. I've convinced myself that it's probably ugly wood underneath because it's a restoration project we simply can't handle.

I love the blog, which I just found through PrairieMod.

I saw way back when you got the house you found out more about when and by whom it was built. Is there an OP resource for learning those things about my own home? Is it available at the library?
Thanks & good luck with your beautiful home.

Tiny Oak Park Bungalow said...

The resource for OP research is the Historical Society. My friend Peg did the research for me but they are very friendly there and I am sure they can help. If you ever want to hire someone to do your wood, let me know and I can refer someone (not myself).

casacaudill said...

We planted blue lake beans ... I don't know the first thing about beans. Apparently, they take over everything in their path. Note to self: research before gardening.