Sunday, July 08, 2007

The secret to getting a lot done on Saturday

From May to November, most of the OP is up very early on Saturday morning. I know this because there is usually an inordinant number of people on the 400 block of Lake Street. The first thing most folks do on Saturday is head down to the parking lot next to Pilgrim Congregational Church to go to the farmer's market. Some say they go for the fresh vegetables others say they go to listen to the great folk music. They are lying. The real reason they all go is to get the home made donuts. They are usually still warm when you pick them up... ...if you are early enough to get them. They are made by the church or a local non-profit organization, who get the proceeds from the sales. I don't know how many they make each weekend but if you are not there by 9:00, you are usually out of luck. It is not strange to see the line stretch half a block for these goodies. If you are in the OP on a Saturday morning and don't get your donuts, I don't know how you make it through your day.After eating three (1 powdered and 2 cinnamon), I got back to work on the bedroom. I am in the home stretch of stripping the woodwork in the bedroom with only stripping the window apron and head needed to complete the work. I was feeling so adventurous (probably powered by the sugary goodness of the donuts), I decided to take apart one of my windows to see what the future holds in store for me. I can see by the number of weights that though they are painted shut, I have double-hung windows. All of the ropes and weights are in their place and most are still attached. I'll see you guys again in a few months when it will be time to get you working again.
Since I have ADD when it comes to working on the house, I also decided to dig up a concrete walk in the back. Since I am working on the screen door for the basement, I figured I should make that entry a little safer. This ended up becoming Saturday's nap project. There was an 8" drop towards the basement that has been driving me nuts. After filling the area under the dropped walk with four bags of stone dust and filling a gap between the walk and the patio with a few bricks, I have reduced the step to about 2 inches. Still not completely safe and still full of cracked and broken concrete but a noticeable improvement.
The long-term goal is to move the patio and change this entire area into brick pavers. This will happen when (if) I finally get to renovating the back of the house.


Josh @ Bungalow '23 said...

Oh, I have some bad house ADD, too. At least you started and completed the dropped walk. I've got several projects that are started and just waiting for me to get back to finish them.

StuccoHouse said...

Now see, if I had those doughnuts I'm sure I'd get a lot more done around my house. The concrete looks took me a while to figure out it was the same stuff. said...

The fact that you have a basement and I dont (my dream) allots you one more donut. Seriously though, Ive wanted a basement all my life after visiting my grandfather in Ohio when I was a kid. His basement was small, Id like something more livable. When we add on, I think we'll go the basement route.