Monday, October 15, 2007

I'm done for the season

If you were looking at the pictures in the blog, you’d know that I wasn’t talking about my home when I said I was done. Bungalow weekend was two weeks ago and this past weekend was the Frank Lloyd Wright Conservancy. This marks the end of my volunteering and architectural touring… …for the time being. You would think that this would give me renewed energy to work on the home. Oddly enough, it doesn’t.

It took quite a bit of work to ignore the beer in the fridge and the football on TV. It must have been my Italian heritage calling because I got the sudden urge to finish digging up the garden and to plant garlic for next year.

My daughter helped as “keeper and hander of the garlic” as we planted three heads: two white and one red. Finishing the job was no small accomplishment – finishing anything with a three year old is no small accomplishment. After separating the garlic into cloves, we started planting. After each one, my daughter would remark, “only two more to go daddy”. Twenty cloves later, there were only two more to go and we were soon finished.

The planting was interrupted by the intermittent request to move any worm that poked its head of the soil. “It has to go into the grass where it can find its family”. How do you argue with that kind of logic? With this kind of attention to the work at hand, I can't wait to see the pattern the garlic sprouts make when they begin coming up in the spring. I also hope I left enough room for the vegitables I want to put in next year.

After finishing with the garlic, I decided to clean up and do some work on the bedroom. I got another wall plastered with the first coat of patch and another wall of woodwork sanded. I am getting anxious, as I don’t want to be sleeping in an unfinished room come Halloween. I think my wife has about had it as well. About six more rounds of this and I’ll be ready to paint. It is getting so close that the smell of paint is almost palpable.

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