Saturday, December 08, 2007

The home stretch - on the bedroom

My friend Steve came over for the second weekend in a row to help out on the bedroom. It has been great. We have gotten a lot done and I am now only steps from painting the room.
Steve completed the wood prep and staining and I concentrated on wrapping up the plaster work. I think things look pretty good and the room is starting to look the way I imagined. I even got around to patching the big crack in the ceiling. I hope to change out the lighting fixture tomorrow and hopefully finish hanging the picture rail and complete the plaster work. A couple of coats of tung oil and we'll be ready for paint on the walls. Now there's an argument you can't wait for, right?

1 comment: said...

A picture of the finished stain would have been great. I only wish my trim were as salvageable as yours.