Sunday, December 16, 2007

Really, Christmas is next week?

This time of year always seems to fly by. We took time this week to decorate the Tiny Bungalow and celebrate the season with friends. This means that besides the cleaning and decorating, we didn't do much on the house. In fact, I didn't even do much in the decorating department so the traffic-stopping front porch diorama still eludes me. Only a little champagne and egg nog got spilled last night so the cleanup after the celebrating wasn't bad at all.

We have a long weekend for the holiday and for the first time ever, we won't be making the arduous journey to Syracuse to celebrate the Christmas with family. We hope to spend some time relaxing and maybe a little more time on the bedroom. It would be great to be sleeping in a completed room for New Years but I am not promising anything. We also got our first major snow last night and took our daughter sledding on the hill near our house. Having grown up in Upstate, NY, I wasn't complaining about the meager 6 inch "snowstorm" that we had but I did realize a funny thing - growing up in the Midwest, my daughter will probably never know how fun (or dangerous) sledding can get when you have some serious snow and hills that can take forever to climb. We enjoyed our day in the snow none the less.


Crazy Nana said...

The tree is BEAUTIFUL !! I wish I were there !! I like the cards along the bookcase-lovely !!

Sandy said...

Your tree is absolutely beautiful!

Mom said...

love your tree, wish you were coming home, but hope you received all the packages from Santa! Will miss our Sophie! Loved her picture!! and we are snuggling ALOT in our new snugglers! ....but in 2weeks we will be basking on a beach in Cancun! Will send you something (hopefully some sun!)