Sunday, January 27, 2008

A final coat of plaster in the bedroom

A lot of patience and three coats of plaster patch - I think I finally got it. There are a couple areas that are not perfect but I think I'm happy with the plaster job in the bedroom. I was even happier when I went and inspected the existing plaster corners in the living room. The bedroom actually look better than the original plaster job.

I was concerned about the corners in the room. If you recall, last May (I think), I removed the picture rail that had been tacked in as a crown molding and as I removed it a lot of the plaster where the walls and ceiling met fell apart. "Sure, I can fix that", I said with very little confidence at the time. Here it is, practically a lifetime later but the corners are fixed. I reinforced them all with Fiberglas mesh tape and patched them with joint compound (and a lot of tooling and sanding).

This marks the end of the plaster work in the room. I have now sanded and washed down two of the walls and only need to wash down two more walls and we can begin priming. My only fear is that the current wall discoloration is hiding a lot of my poor craftsmanship and it will all be revealed when I start painting. If so, I guess I'll have to invest in some bigger artwork - maybe some tapestries.

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