Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Picture rail complete

I think that the picture rail came out nice. I didn't get to hung up on the corners but after the second one, the coping became easier (they still kind of suck though). It's nice to see the woodwork pretty much done in this room (please ignore the stark white door leaning up against the wall).Hopefully the brass screws begin to patina soon - I may need to do something to accelerate the process. I like the rhythm of the exposed fasteners but they are just a little too "bright" at the moment. I also may get a bit more anal about their position - it would be nice to have the cross mark of the Phillips-heads to be all orthogonal to the rail itself. Frankly, I don't have the patience for this right now.I am excited to get to the painting part but since I've come this far, I am going to take a little more time with the plaster to get it looking better before we paint. We have decided on the room colors too:The Prairie Green (how appropriate, right?) will go on the main walls below the picture rail, and the Silver Wing will go on the ceiling and above the picture rail. There is still a chance I might do Touch of Gray on the ceiling as another accent but I am not sure. There was also some talk of stenciling the dado a while back but I'm not so sure of that either. The real bonus to choosing the paint colors is that I can now take down the 100 or so odd paint swatches that are hanging around the room.


Moxie said...

Congratulations! It looks really nice- I love picture rails.

We have a similar, but paler, color scheme at our house now. I can't wait to see m ore pictures

Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

Nice progress so far! I love catching up with you guys, even if it's in the virtual world. Happy new year to you all!

Anonymous said...

The picture rail looks GREAT !! I want one !! I love the paint colors !! I think it will look terrific !!


Crazy Nana

Jennifer said...

Nice picture rail and color choices! It will look really sharp.