Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Finishing the picture frame

The assembly and finishing of the frame is finally progressing. It was a little tricky because I had cut the angles a bit off. Wait, I set the miter based on my metal square. Believe it or not, the metal square isn't cut at 45 degrees. What??? Anyway, it is more like 45.5 and 44.5. So I had to re-set the miter and re-cut the pieces before assembly.

I sanded everything smooth and the frame was ready for finish. I was originally going to put a few coats of tung oil on the frame but after a test application on a scrap of wood (I always recommend doing this), I realized that the wood was a bit too light. Instead, I started with some mahogany gel stain, to make the mahogany look more like mahogany of course. I then put on my first coat of tung oil. It is looking pretty good and I might have this project wrapped up by the end of the week... ...If I can find some glass for the frame.

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