Sunday, April 13, 2008

Picture Frame

The highlight of the weekend was a trip to scenic Schaumburg, Illinois. We make this expedition once or twice a year to visit Ikea and to buy $200 worth of stuff we don't need. Now we have another reason to travel out there: Rockler Hardware.

I have never been to the store but needed to get some table-top mounts for the table I have been making. For woodworkers, this place is about as close to heaven as I can imagine with good stock of all sorts of hardware, finishes, tools, etc. I picked up the things I needed and a few things I didn't. I am inspired to make more use of my tools and it is nice to know that I have this resource not too far away.

It is still a little cold to start stripping the final door for the bedroom so I found other stuff to keep me busy. One project I started was a frame for a photograph that I had enlarged. I bought some mahogany some time ago and started cutting it down the other day. I spent some time in the morning reconfiguring the shop because it just hasn't worked for me. I made a bit more space for the table saw and can now actually use my workbench/desk as such (instead of a place to just gather clutter).
I am getting a little better with the cutting - though I saw some guides and jigs at Rockler that would definitely make this go easier. Last Father's Day, I got this saw. Maybe this Father's Day, I'll have to lay down some hints.
I am making splines to attach the frame at the corners and cut out notches in the back to receive glass, mat, and photo. It is 30"x36" and should be dramatic in the tiny bedroom. It will be a simple frame but I think it will look nice.
I'll work on assembling and finishing it during the week and will start cutting the mat for the photo next weekend.


Ethan said...

Wow! The frame is looking good. Taking pictures to be framed can get pricey and this looks just as good.


Carol said...

If that is simple, then simple is gorgeous!

Andy said...

That's a nice frame. And it reminds me that I have quite a bit of things that need to be framed around here. Maybe I'll have to bust out the new, unused miter saw and start getting to work. Oh, wait, I have dozens of other projects on tap! ;)

Thanks for the advice on the basement ceiling ideas, also. I'm still looking for some time to try my idea, but the way you handled your ceiling is definitely a better option than drywall, in my opinion.

Jennifer said...

Nice frame!