Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Better Late Than Never

Things have been popping up all over the yard. Most of this is a good thing as it is the return of stuff I planted last year. Though the garlic, iris, day lilies, and daffodils are all several inches high, there has been no sign of any of the tulips or daffodils I put out front, until today.

During a reprieve in January, I planted about 200 bulbs in the front yard. Half of these are tulips and half are daffodils. I got some wacky colors really late in the season on sale from Lowe's. I was afraid that they would never come up because I planted them in January. The second obstacle are bunnies and squirrels that seem to eat everything around here. The tulips are coming up and so are some of the remaining crocus but there is still no sign of the daffodils. I also have to take a closer look at some of the other stuff to see if I should let it go or pull it. Either way, I am pretty excited as I thought my planting exercise in January was in vain but Jennifer from Tiny Old House gave words of encouragement that the flowers might come and here they are. They are a little later than the rest of the plants but it looks like at least half of them have come up so far. Lets hope the bunnies and squirrels have their fill somewhere else.
On another note, I completed the staining and finishing of the table top and will take apart and re-assemble everything this weekend. I have to make sure I turn the top 90 degrees from the position in the picture so that the grain of the shelf and top are aligned. Yes, I am a tad nutty.

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Josh said...

I have a few tulips that look the same way-- the anticipation after a long winter is killing me. And your table looks great-- with the grain lined up it will be just right. Very nice work!