Sunday, April 06, 2008

Tying up loose ends before it gets REALLY nice outside

It was beautiful yesterday and it was difficult to pry myself out of the garden. The only way I did so was by telling myself that the REALLY nice weather was yet to come. I did plant some gladiolus but otherwise I tried to finish up things inside the house and do some much-needed cleaning.

I finally got around to that last piece of trim in the basement ceiling. I also finished breaking down all the boxes from moving (two years ago) and this past Christmas. I cleaned the shop area and cut the top to the table I have been (not) working on. Yes, I will be taking the entire thing apart so that I can get it level. I repaired an elkectrical chord and did some touch-up painting. I also put away the paint and tools from my bedroom work and set up the door so that I can start stripping it. It was great day and I got a lot done. Unfortunately, I have a hundred odd "finishing" jobs around the house before I move on. I need to paint the stair and add trim to the basement to finish that project. I also need to get the door finished and re-hang it. I got a picture frame to make, table to finish and I still have the wood and templates for some chairs I was going to build last year. I am driven to not enter the summer with any loose ends. By far, this is the biggest challenge of any DIY work. Hopefully I can make as much headway today as I did yesterday so that I can be ready to attack the garden in a couple weeks.


Jennifer said...

I lost the fight with the garden urge... it was fun.

I need to get back inside like you!

Kelli said...

Holy cow! I need another one of those check-a-bunch-of-little-things-off-my-list day. Nice work!