Sunday, May 25, 2008

A full day in the yard

I spent about 12 hours in the yard trying to do some major overhauling today. I made some progress on the back and got about half the front yard done. I stopped work because it started thundering but then the sun came out again. I didn't have the energy to finish so I did an art project for the back fence with my daughter instead. With the art windows and the hanging baskets, I think the fence looks nice. I am sure in some circles, folks might think it looks trashy but I think it brings an air of elegance to our plastic-filled yard.While working in the flower beds, I added a lot of the compost I have been making (actually, the little worms and other things have been making it, I've just been putting the stuff in there to help it along). The compost seems to be a huge success. It is litterally infested with earthworms. I swear that there were a few in there that scared me - HUGE. I tilled it into the beds I dug up. My wife exclaimed, "thank God we don't have boys." Hopefully this will make for happier plants. I think I moved about 25 3 gallon containers of the stuff. Not bad for one year's worth of kitchen and yard waste. Time to start over. I prepared for the day's work the night before at a local "temporary" nursery buying plants, mostly perennials. They had some really nice plants labeled native. I got some more black eyed susans, delphinium, and shasta daisies. I got three of the native plants but I can't think of their names. I better keep the little tags with them so that I can remember what they are in the future. As they flower, I'll blog about them. I want to throw down some more seed but haven't done that yet. I filled in here and there with some marigolds and alyssum and otherwise made do with transplanting what I already had. Can't wait until everything takes root and is bigger next year.

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