Monday, May 26, 2008

The yard work is "done" for the year

I finished the yard work this morning by completing the flower bed expansion in the front yard and I am done planting. I put in an herb garden (mostly basil because we eat so much of it) and I finished the basket transplanting in the back. Note that the eaves and fascia is still sorely in need of repair. I guess I know what my next project is... I still have to put in veggies in the back and a basket to hang in the front and then there is the daily weeding and puttering that I do but that doesn't approach the effort that this weekend took. It's wild to see how much the place has changed in a couple short years (the "before" photo was taken in spring of '06). It will look even better once these plants and the lilac bush get some height. I still think a dogwood would look great out front but I ran out of landscaping budget so that will have to wait another year for that.

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StuccoHouse said...

Wow, great improvement over the before photo. It's amazing how much time a garden can suck out of a day, isn't it?