Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Garden plans and plants

I laid out a plan for planting in the front yard. It has already changed but I have been a bit lazy and haven't updated the drawing. Frankly, if I did, I would end up updating it daily as my ideas about the yard are constantly changing. I love this time of year. It is easy to dig because the ground is pretty wet and once a plant gets going, it is hard to kill it because of the same. I started moving plants around this morning. This is a process that will continue throughout the summer. Blue bells have been sprouting up all over the yard so I have been pulling them up and transplanting them into a patch in the front yard. Then again, I sure hope the are blue bells or I have been wasting my time moving around weeds. This wouldn't be the end of the world though because I like letting things go, even if they end up being weeds. I think I get this from my grandmother, who would let a weed that she didn't know grow and grow and grow just to see what it does. There is a bit of this going on in the back yard. I just hope some of these things I am letting go turn into something nice.
I added a new planting area next to the garden. Last year, we had sunflowers here. I threw down a bunch of marigold seeds this year (saved from last year). We'll see if they ever come up. The gladiolus that I put in are all coming up now. I hope that they eventually flower. The day lilies and irises nearby look great.
The herb garden from last year is a bust. I think I am going to dig out all of the herbs and make this into a "mint-only" zone. Can't wait for the first mojitos of the year!
The back corner of the yard is starting to look a bit crowded, and it's only May. I may need to expand this area a bit and I think I am going to move some of the hollyhocks out front. There is a small variegated plant, I think it's called a vinca or something, that has taken root beneath our wash tub. This is left over from last year and was an annual that was planted in the wash tub. I guess it wasn't really an annual after all. The clematis looks very happy. It has already outgrown the height of the trellis.

I typically putter around the garden early in the morning. Next weekend, I'll be planting all of this year's annuals (with the help of my mother in law) and hopefully I'll get a few perennials and start making some progress on transforming the front yard per my plans.

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