Monday, May 19, 2008

Still too much grass for my taste

The first part of expanding the front planting beds started this weekend. Removing the grass was a lot of work but I still didn't take enough out. I think I'll remove another foot of border and it will be o.k. I transplanted a few plants from the backyard and will try and attack a little more of this during the week. Planting will commence this weekend. I swear this will look a lot better in another year.

The weekend was kind of a bust housework-wise. The Chicago Arts & Crafts sale was going on and my daughter dragged me kicking and screaming to spend an hour or so looking at A&C furnishings and such (ha ha). It was really neat as was the lecture with Mike Danial at Pleasant Home on Friday night. With the A&C stuff going on and all the FLW nuts in town for Wright Plus, this was definitely the weekend to hang in the OP.

I should have made a dent in the garage too but instead I spent a couple hours pricing out what it would cost to re-clad the garage myself and do the fascia and door repairs. I then spent another hour trying to figure out how to just do the repairs really cheap. This project is still in the "planning stages". Memorial Day weekend is coming up so hopefully I'll have much more to report as I have big plans for working in the yard and on the garage.


Jennifer said...

My husband has put a moratorium on grass removal until I get all of the areas where NOTHING is growing finished! Sigh... there is too much in the front yard!

Fargo said...

As far as I'm concerned, less is more in the grass dept. I've been removing it little by little in our front yard. This morning I was out there at 6:00 digging out another chunk to plant some coreopsis and iris cristata. Eventually I want to get rid of all the grass down on the corner and replace with flowers and ornamental grasses, making it a "no mow" zone.