Thursday, June 12, 2008

A couple more questions from the garden

Maybe planting a wildflower mix wasn't such a good idea. I just don't know what half this stuff is. I "google imaged" all of the plants listed on the seed bag but came up with several that are not listed (or the picture is wrong).

Can anyone tell me what this tiny flower is? They are really cool but if you didn't look carefully you wouldn't even know they are there. They're kind of like a hidden treasure. They are about 4" high, topped with a really cool looking flower.The second one better end up being a flower. I just spent an hour painstakingly weeding around it so that it can grow higher and maybe bloom as a bunch. It's the stuff in the middle of the pic below. It has a stem and leaves similar to the phlox or even the dianthus (that I just learned about this week as well). I just can't tell. Any thoughts out there?Maybe I'm just going to have to be more patient with this stuff but it's kind of hard to tend the garden not knowing. One thing we don't have to wait for is the clematis. It is in full bloom and looks great. The second one should be blooming by this weekend.


denise said...

Sorry, I can't tell what those are, but a book that was really helpful to us in identifying wildflowers was Newcomb's Wildflower Guide. It takes you step-by-step through type of leaf, stem, flower to help identify it. Good luck!

Jennifer said...

It's hard to tell in the picture... but it looks a lot like a mum/daisy type of plant?

Mona said...

Can't see it clearly, but it looks like a wild Sweet Pea. We have them in the woods here in Michigan's north country, and I don't know if they're domestic flowers that have gone wild or if they're real wild flowers. Either way, they're a great find!

Regards, Mona