Sunday, June 15, 2008

Did our house just get bigger?

The weather has been shitty. I'm sorry, there's just no other word to describe it. All you need to do is pick up the papers to see what we have been dealing with in the Midwest. I think pretty much every day for the past couple weeks. We are fortunate that besides a few temporary power outages and some damaged trees, we have remained relatively safe and dry. The only ones that appreciate the weather are the few plants that haven't been blown away (the hollyhocks are almost 6 feet tall now and the front is almost starting to look like something). The weather is getting a little tiresome though.This morning I woke up with the intentions of cleaning out the gutters and cleaning out the space under our porch. Long story, short: there is a ton of crap down there and it smells. Unfortunately, after a little weeding in the garden, we were greeted yet again by some storms.Due to the rain, I decided to stay indoors and clean the front porch. For the past few months it has accumulated a lot of stuff as I started "staging" for my next projects. Those projects haven't come so I thought I'd clean up. Now that I am done, it looks like I have a new porch and boy does it look different - it's actually not so small. This was the same revelation I had when, after 8 months of working on my bedroom, we finally moved a clothes cabinet from the bedroom hall into my daughter's room. It was like we gained a room or something.I guess I have two tips for anyone in a small home that wants to make it seem bigger:

First, let a huge piece of furniture sit in the middle of a room for a few months and then move it. The room will see huge. The second is to keep the house clean and free of clutter. Both of these are cheaper and less time-consuming than a home addition.


Andy said...

Addition by deception and subtraction is a mantra I live by. :)

Also, I concur, these storms SUCK. Our bedrooms are upstairs, and I've been rudely, rudely awakened three times in the past three nights. However, I'm glad, like you, that we've just had some wickedness, and not floods and tornadoes and really bad things like out in the Plains.

Green Fairy said...

This weather has been getting us down, too. We need things to dry out long enough to actually get some outdoor projects done.

Your garden looks good!

Jennifer said...

You HAVE had the worst sorts of weather patterns lately... my condolences.

I love it when we clean the house... it feels like we gained 300 more sf!

kad in cny said...

The house and garden look great. Patience, work and vision are paying off.

Niesz Vintage Home said...

I've just finished reading your Tiny Home interview on Green Plant.
I'm also living in a small home and completely agree with keeping clutter to a minimum.
I'll have to try the large piece of furniture in the middle of the room tactic. LOL

Love your porch! What a great space to sit and watch all the storms. Hopefully you'll be seeing more sun soon.

Kimberly :)