Saturday, July 19, 2008

Adirondack Chairs - Part 1

It had to be over a year ago that I purchased the plans and directions from Rockler on how to build my own Adirondack chair. I even went out and purchased the cedar that I needed to do two chairs Here it, several projects later, and a pile of wood still "decorates" our front porch. I still haven't gotten around to doing the chairs.

Since the weather was not conducive to any outdoor work, I figured it was about time I broke out the directions and got to work on the chairs. They will be better looking on the front porch than the pile of wood sitting there right now.The directions are pretty self-explanatory. You lay out a series of templates on the wood and then cut everything out with a jig saw. So far, so good. It only took about an hour of work to do the cutting for one chair. I'll pick up the project again tomorrow morning and see if I can get something accomplished before the end of the weekend.

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E Tiu said...

You know, I think there are kits for that sort of thing? But then, I suppose if you bought a kit for that, then you might as well build a track home.