Sunday, August 10, 2008

Adirondack Chairs - Part 3

My plans to do some much needed work on the garage were delayed but the weather was so incredible, I had to get something done. Since it was so nice, I moved all of the wood for the Adirondack chairs outside and started sanding. The overall project was pretty uneventful but I accomplished the task and was cleaned up after only a couple of hours. I didn't think this was too bad. Now I just need to block out a day to assemble.

I've been adding some more curiosities to our garden. I installed my terracotta Brancusi a few weeks ago. If only I had more pots...This morning, my daughter was in a creative mood so we decided to build a Chinese Crane and nest in the front yard to celebrate the Beijing Olympics. We used left-over cedar from the Adirondack chairs. This otherwise would have become kindling so I think it is a good use.


Anonymous said...

What's also good is that it can still be kindling. :) But I do like the Crane though...Sophie had a great idea


Janet Dwight said...

The garden looks wonderful. I had no idea who Brâncuşi was. Very nice.