Thursday, August 14, 2008

The projects are stacking up - literally

I have a pile of wood in the front porch that will someday become Adirondack chairs. I have a pile of supplies: drip edge, limber, nails, paint,etc. that will someday become my repaired garage soffit and eaves. Now I have another pile of stuff that is a future project.This morning, my storm windows arrived from Spencerworks (yes, that's the crated windows in front of the house). They look great and luckily I had tickets to the Sox game today or I would have spent a day installing them. Instead, I was a slacker and decided to relax a bit - work my way up to the installation, so to speak. I have an actual deadline for the soffit work: I need them done by the next time the local inspectors come around to make sure we are keeping up appearances with the rest of the OP. This is Sept. 1st. I don't have a deadline for the chairs but it would be nice to get them done before the end of summer. As for the windows. I would love to get those installed ASAP as well. I guess I have a busy weekend ahead.

I'll follow up with a lot of info about the windows in a future blog, maybe after the installation, because it was a pretty involved decision making process that got us to this point. I thought I'd have time to write about it before they came but the folks at Spencerworks were too fast. Lets hope I have no distractions and have a lot to write about next week.


Andy said...

Sox game? Lucky you...

Baseball fan, or Sox fan? Just wondering... :)

Tiny Oak Park Bungalow said...

Baseball fan, definitely. This year I am hooked on the Sox though - 4 home runs? All in a row? Priceless.