Monday, February 09, 2009

Back to work, if I can get up to it.

I have been trying very hard to motivate myself. Usually, I am prone to procrastination for a short time and can be preoccupied with nice weather, playing with my daughter, or any number of other things but this is different. A funk has settled over the Tiny Bungalow and it is unlike any funk I’ve been in before. I know the cause: it’s the economy, stupid. I don't think I'm alone here. Is anyone onyone else experiencing DIY paralysis in the wake of the recession?

Last fall, we were all excited to start a series of jobs: get some re-wiring done, set the groundwork for upstairs painting and wood refinishing. It was all very exciting, until the layoffs began. We’ve gone through three excruciating rounds. I, luckily, still have a job. For a whole myriad of reasons, I don’t feel so lucky. It is partly because they cut my pay, partly because I have to sit and look at empty desks all day but mostly because of the angst over the next round of firings.

I am shocked by how much this work stuff seems to have crept into my work at home. I used to find refuge in the house work but now, plagued by concerns that begin with the thought of not spending too much, it has become something that I sort of dread.

In the meantime, while I wait for the cloud to pass, I have tried to pinpoint projects around the house that I can do and not spend any money. The painting and sexy stuff in the main living spaces will have to wait and so will the dreams of any of the considerable work I was considering in terms of an addition. I’ve re-organized closets, cleaned and de-cluttered, and this weekend, I started stripping the door to the bedroom closet.

I thought this last project was a huge step to DIY recovery. Maybe if I accomplish something on the house, without expenditure, I’ll feel a bit better. I’ll let you know how it goes in another few weeks.


Anonymous said...

Yes, things are bad and I don't know of anyone who isn't feeling it. You are not in this alone. Maybe this is where creativity comes in ?? This too will pass. It always does. Be positive.
Love you
Crazy Nana

Andy said...

I know how you cuts, layoffs and the general uncertainty over whether we'll survive well enough to avoid a second round of cuts is plaguing me too.

Unfortunately, I committed to fixing this basement up by my son's first b-day party, which is the end of the month. And since I have little time, DIY has mostly gone up in's time to bring in the pros for this task, for the time being. Hell, I figure I'm helping the economy, somehow -- as dangerous as spending that kind of money might be right now.

DeAnne said...

I used to think that JP (my all time favorite professor EVER!!!) was the only one to describe anything architectural as sexy

the cloud will pass, this isn't the first slump in history nor will it be the last.

Anonymous said...

I find de-cluttering makes me feel refreshed and as if I am starting a clean slate. It may not be the projects you anticipated for right now but those will happen eventually.
With layoffs all around my immediate area in Disney and the economy slowing this household down for sure, at least we won't have to dust as much stuff as before!!!! Get to work!!!