Sunday, March 22, 2009

Not sure if you can call it gardening

Here it is, the first of thousands photos you'll see of the yard this year. Given the economic conditions, I can't go out and spend lots of dough on good stuff so instead, I'll probably end up piddling around in the yard for the next several months.

There has to be a word that "real" gardeners use for what I do and I am sure that it is not very nice. By the middle of the year, the yard always looks nice, but I am usually too restless to tend for plants to make sure they are all doing well. I consider myself a "mover". I keep shifting plants around in the yard until they look good or until they find a place where they seem to thrive.

I did a big "move" just before it got cold last year and it looks like most of this stuff is starting to come up. Of course, at the first sign of warm weather, I couldn't control myself and decided to do another "move" today. I hadn't really thought about where I was moving stuff last year but it seems that I had too many pinks near pinks, whites near whites and yellows near yellows. Today, I decided to mix it up a bit. In addition to mixing things up, I decided to carve another 70 or so square feet out of my lawn and converted it to planting area. Stuff is coming up all over. The rabbits seems to be eating all of the crocuses and most of the tulips but hopefully we'll have a few daffodils before their end of the spring.

I think that my only "goals" for the front yard this year are to invest in a rain chain - I saw and inexpensive one at Target I may just pick up. I'd also like to get rid of the "Blair Witch" trellis out front and put something designed and more substantial. I have a ton of wood left over, packing material from my storm windows. I think that would work out well if I could design and make something with it. I added a little more rock and pathway this morning. Maybe I'll develop the paths through the garden a little more this year as well.
Until I feel up for another "move", I think I'll try and sit back and enjoy what flowers come up.

3 comments: said...

Are you planting any veggies there? A few homes in my area have veggies patches in their front yard, although they have a picket fence which I dont have. Im considering the same once i get my fence up (whenever THAT will be!). its like a victory garden of the 40s. I gues in todays times its more of a freedom from big brother garden, preparing for when inflation hits.

Best Regards, Dave / 1916home

Tiny Oak Park Bungalow said...

I'll have to see how it goes. I have tomatoes, basil, and cucumbers in starting pots right now. Last year, I had an "accidentlal" garden up front. It woul dbe funny to do something a little more planned. I'd like to do a huge pumpkin patch but I doubt they will survive the insane OP squirrels and rabbits.

DeAnne said...

so I read about the gardeners and I wondered "why??" and I read about the first move and thought "that's not the best idea" by the time I got to the next one I was laughing and all I can say is that nature is all about survival of the fittest.

if you do a pumpkin patch it may be the only garden that you have; but if you do you should plant watermelons too :)