Friday, October 16, 2009

Getting in the Halloween Spirit

I used the last bit of particle board I had left over from my window shipping box. I made some headstones for the front yard. I suggest if anyone tries this activity at home that they exclude the involvement of anyone under the age of 10 in the project. My 5 year old, though interested in painting faux finishes to look like stone, wasn’t necessarily quick or proficient at it – though she insisted on doing as much of it as possible.

We’ve never decked the place out like we did this year. I think that it has been looking at all of those headstone and monument photos in preparation for my lecture and tour next week that got me in a weird mood.  Either way, hopefully folks will enjoy it. I have some purple lights to string around them as well but after hours of wrestling with the fake cobwebs, I figure I’ll tackle those tomorrow.


jay said...

Your homemade tombstones are fantastic. I can tell by the ornate details that you've been inspired by your upcoming cemetery walk. Hope you get to spook as many kids as we do... just be sure to have extra candy on hand. It goes quick when you have a scary scene out front. :-)

621 said...

Looks great, I can see you getting frustrated with the little one messing up your marble veining technique, haha. I hope you put up some pet cemetery arms coming out of the ground as well.

MrBrownThumb @ Chicago Garden said...

Awww. Your little cemetery look so cool. I wish I would've had the Halloween spirit this year.