Sunday, November 15, 2009

Holiday Spirit at the Tiny Bungalow

I usually wait until after Thanksgiving to put up the holiday lights but this year, I couldn't wait.  The economy has been kind of sucking so things haven't been very fun.  I thought that by decorating early, I might be able to cheer myself and perhaps some other folks up in the process.

Each year I've tried to add on to the holiday light display at the house.  The first year, it was primarily lights, pine swags, and a small wreath.

Last year, I added a snow man to the display and kept a majority of the lights on the porch.

At the end of last year, when all of the holiday decorations were on sale, I let my daughter pick out this year's addition to the yard.  Now we have an animatronic light-up moose that is of the same construction as the show man.  I decided to throw some lights up on the trellises as well.  I may add more lights to the porch but this will be the display until after Thanksgiving.  It doesn't approach the Griswold's display but give me a few more years...


Josh said...

Love the garland swag under the porch windows--classy and festive.

Black Dog's Photographer said...

I'm seeing a lot of people who are putting up their Christmas decorations early. Maybe they're thinking like you and maybe Christmas decorations make us all feel happy inside.
They're beautiful - thanks for sharing.