Monday, May 17, 2010

Growing the yard and other projects

Another chapter of my continuing conquest of the front lawn was written this weekend.  I need to get a few more plants for the area but I extended the planting bed along the sidewalk all the way to the front walk.  This will eventually "jump" across the front walk and extend to create a new planting bed in the parkway.  It should look nice once it starts filling in.   
The plants are all doing well but there are relatively few flowers.  I think I need to get a few more plants that bloom in the early spring because the garden isn't very dynamic right now, except for some strays.  

The "herb garden" is looking a little lame but I am sure it will pick up once the warm weather hits.  I do have a survivor from last year in the general garden area.  Somehow a squash plant made it through the winter and is doing fine.  I have no idea how this happened - all of the others died.  We also put in early peas this year, the only other vegetable in the garden at the moment.

I've let the clematis go crazy this year and won't be putting up baskets.  If all goes well, there will be some dramatic changes to the garage in the next month.

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Anonymous said...

I think everything is going to look fabulous !! I like how you extended the front garden.