Monday, May 31, 2010

Rain delay on the patio work

Today was a wash.  Literally.  It rained from about 10:00 until 3:30 so most of my day was blown.  I didn't get the patio dug out but I spent some time at the hardware store, okay, I spent some time at three or four hardware stores and nurseries and picked up some plants, got some stuff to fix my myriad of hoses, and a lot of other miscellaneous crap I really didn't need.  As it sits right now, I am pretty happy with the decision to move the patio.  I think the yard looks a lot nicer and I like the landscape coming up to the house.    

After it grows in a bit, I bet it will look great.  I did have one nice find today.  While at Lowe's, I was looking through their "distressed plant" area (I strongly recommend this for people that love bargains and don't care what their garden may look like in the immediate future).  They have racks of stuff for a buck - today they had a lot of nice stuff.  I was a little surprised.  While browsing, I saw this tiny thing that looked like a bonsai that just got mugged.  I checked out the tag and it was a doublefile viburnum.  I knew the plant would be a beauty if it could ever be nursed back to health so I just had to get it.  If it dies, big deal, I am out a buck.  I always wanted a dogwood or a magnolia up front but this is the next best thing.  It is a very Asian-looking plant with a horizontal character.  Just check out some images on Google and you'll see what I mean.  We have a less attractive viburnum out back that seems to be doing well.  Hopefully this one likes the yard also.  I just wonder if this little guy will make it and what it might look like in four or five years.  

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handy man said...

Thanks for the tip about the distressed plant area - I'll have to check it out.