Sunday, May 30, 2010

Day 2 on the Patio and Pergola

The second day was a moving day.  I spent a good chunk of time getting all of the soil out of our concrete sink and then lugging the sucker across the yard.  I then moved some plants around it and added some sod.  this is ironic since I typically loathe grass.  Hopefully it perks up.  I am not so sure putting it in on a 90 degree day was a great idea.  We just need to get some new flowers for the sink and I think this part of the yard is pretty much done.  I can always move some more plants to this part of the yard at the end of the summer.  

Hopefully I can make some headway on the new patio area tomorrow.  Now that the sink is gone, my repair work for the garage is a lot more apparent.  First things first though, I'd like to get the patio and pergola done.  

I also promised an update on the hollyhock.  The sucker seems to grow a good 6" each day.  I put our rake next to it for scale - it is about 4'-6" tall.  The peas are looking pretty good too.

We also had a pretty cool visitor out front today.  A nice swallowtail (and countess other smaller butterflies) have been hanging out.   

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