Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Native Seeds

Several weeks ago, I signed up for Native Seed Gardeners.  Its a local organization that promotes native plants and landscapes.  In a nutshell, they give you seedlings, you grow the plants at home and then you collect seeds and send them back so they can continue the cycle.  Last week, when they gave out the plants, I wasn't around so my friend Julie picked them up for me.  They were delivered this weekend and I took some time in between coats of drying sealer to plant them.
I got three plant varieties: aromatic aster, upright aster, and white false indigo.  The asters look pretty good but the false indigo is downright tiny.  I hope they all make it.

Julie is a Martha Stewart type and has a blog of her own.  She's very handy, great cook, etc.  She also brought along a need seedling tray that she made from recycled materials.  I'll have to find some more plants to start in these. 

For the plants, I dug out two new areas in the front.  I figured I could use another couple square yards of lawn anyway.  I can figure out how good my location was once the plants start to thrive. 

A third plant was put in the herb garden.

With all of the rain we've been having, the yard is both lush and "trampled".  The birds and butterflies seem to be happy though.  I'll update on this subject once it's time to harvest seeds.  

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construction_julie said...

Our seedlings survived the downpour last night, thank goodness. I took pictures of them before planting, including yours. (I'm so behind in journaling.) Thanks for the shout out! The tutorial is up now.