Sunday, June 20, 2010

Pergola Completed

I didn't have a lot of hope this morning as I started out the day putting a coat of clear sealer on all of the wood.  I would typically forgo this as I like the the patina of grayed cedar but the major beams on the project, the ones salvaged from my former office, are made of pine so the sealer is necessary in this climate.  As I was saying, I started with the sealer and it started to rain.  Luckily it didn't rain long but long enough so I could plant some plants (see tomorrow's post).  It also didn't ruin my seal job.   
The rest of the day was perfectly sunny and warm.  A perfect Father's Day.  I was able to get all of the remaining wood cut and worked out the final details of the top cross pieces.  Since there weren't many of them, I could lay them out without fastening them and see what I liked.  I figured it out and then screwed everything into place.   
I was just about finished with only three more pieces to fasten and my portable screwdriver died.  Instead of doing the last by hand or changing out bits on my drill (I was pre-drilling all of the holes), I decided to let the screwdriver charge during dinner.  After dinner, I finished installing the last few pieces and cleaned up.  I am very happy with the outcome but can't wait to tackle the new light fixture on the garage, removing the trellises and attaching the clematis to the pergola, and finally painting the garage.  I also have a great idea for my outdoor stereo speakers.  I can tackle these small projects over the next few weeks at a more leisurely pace though.  
Here is a before shot so you can see how far it came.  Once I get all of the landscape re-done and the herb garden is grown in a bit, I'll have to do some before and after shots.  I have some "before" we moved in and the change is dramatic.  The project didn't take too long either.  Due to the rain, it was not as quick as I wanted but at twenty three days from start to finish, including a week vacation during that time, I am happy.  
Finally, I'll end the post with another gratuitous hollyhock photo. 


Josh said...

A pergola is on my "someday" project list and yours is a great inspiration. What an amazing transformation for your yard-- and with plenty of summer left to enjoy it!

Reuben said...

This really looks great. I think what I've been most impressed with throughout this project is how clean it appears you keep your work area. It looks like you finished the project without trampling the rest of the yard. That's very impressive!

Chris said...

Yeah, I try not to create too much extra work for myself. Having to keep the area constantly safe for my 5 year old helps keep me in line too. There is a small area that is beaten up though. This is due to the large plastic slide/play furniture that has sat in the same location through the duration of the project. Can't wait until that sucker is outgrown and I can find it a new home as it has become the bane of my backyard existence.

handy man said...

Wow, great job. It looks like you've transformed the area into a great destination spot around the home. I'm sure you'll enjoy many great memories there. I only hope that mine, when I eventually get the project will look as nice. At least now I have a few pointers.