Friday, September 10, 2010

Just Like New

So there was this table.  We are going to use it as our coffee table in the basement.  The issue was whether or not to refinish it.  After spending a couple hours in the basement today relocating lighting and readying things for re-installing the baseboard, I decided to get outside and take on a small project.
The cigarette and glass mark stains have to go. 

After an hour or so of elbow grease, a few pads of sandpaper, and then a coat of tung oil, the table is looking pretty good.   

It still has some very faint scratches if you look very close.  Hopefully they will make my wife happy as I think they give the piece a little character - just not as much as it had before.  I think its going to look great in the rehabbed basement.


Anonymous said...

hmm, that does look nice.
love me

Anonymous said...

It looks like it did when it was new-good job !!


Jennifer said...

I love the shape of the table top. Great rehab job!

Anonymous said...

I know that table!!!!! Nice to see it re-used again! Nice job


Fargo said...

Beautiful! Now you've made me feel guilty that I haven't refinished my own copy of this table yet.