Monday, September 06, 2010

Shiny New Floor

After letting the base coat dry overnight, I mixed the top coat and rolled that on.  The milky consistency made it easy to make sure that I covered the entire area.     

It took a night to dry and when it was finished, I was left with a very shiny new floor.  It looks pretty good and I am happy with hit.  It feels pretty solid as well.  

There are a couple things to note about this system.  I got the water based, low VOC formula and it is great in that respect.  I was prepared for a major home ventilation to keep it from smelling like a paint factory.  But though it smells a bit when you first put it down,by the end of the day you can walk around the room and not even know that you did any painting/sealing in it.  This was the case for both the base coat and the top coat.  

Also, there are tons of warnings in the literature about how slippery the final surface is and it makes recommendations all over to add a sand or traction element to the final coat.  I didn't do this because I didn't want the rough surface.  I don;t have second thoughts about that but the surface is VERY slick.  If it weren't for the imperfections in the concrete, the final coat makes this thing look like there is a sheet of clear ice over it.  It behaves that way as well.  Fun for little kids in socks, not so much for someone that slips and falls.  I think that if I used this in a garage, I would add the grit to the finish.  

Now it's time to get the trim up and finish patching and painting. 

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