Saturday, September 04, 2010

A New Floor Finish

The floors were leveled last week and I am pretty happy with the job the guys did.  It has some imperfection but it is much more smooth than it was last time around.  We did a small amount of prep work on the floor by scraping some small bubbles and pieces of stray concrete.  Otherwise, we applied the epoxy system we chose directly to the concrete (vinylcrete) topping.  

We ended up going with the Color Chips Floor Coating System.  They had a decent selection of colors and had a water based epoxy that seemed to be perfect for this project.  I guess time will tell whether or not it is a good product for this application.  We ordered the system online and since the company is in Michigan, it was shipped in a day at no special rate.  The system consists of a base coat, color chips and a clear top coat.  

I chose a custom mix of greys and browns and orange for the chips and the base coat is charcoal.  It is pretty simple.  The Basecoat is a two-part mixture that you mix together, wait a prescribed amount of time and then apply to the floor with a roller.  I purchased enough for a 500sf area and since I had only 400sf to cover, I still have base coat to spare.  Too bad I have no use for it.  

After applying the basecoat, you then broadcast the chips into the wet base and let it dry.  I like the overall look and ordered extra chips but maybe should have ordered even more.  Regardless, I am happy withe the final look.  Once it dries, I will apply the final clear coat epoxy to finish.  If anyone was thinking of doing their own epoxy floor, I would recommend it as a pretty easy DIY project.  Though I think I may have recurring nightmares about spilling piles of paint chips or running out of them before I finished.

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It looks very nice!!